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GAME: virtual villagers 3 (vv3)

sape kat sini penah main virtual villagers III ni?

game ni dah lama keluar...tp skarang baru tqah start main..
tqah ni mmg sellau ketinggalan zaman..
cthnya, drama2 korea yg famous 1,2 tahun lepas, tqag baru je start suka..
mcm cerita sad sonata, masa tqah form 5 dulu ada ditayangkan dlm tv..
masa tu xde plak nak tgk...skarang ni baru sibuk cari cerita tuh.. :-p


oklah...berbalik kepada game vv3 tu, masa mula2 tqah main, tqah lngsung xtau nak wat apa..

lepas tqah search ttgnya, barulah tqah jumpa tips2 nya...

awal2 amik buah/benih, tanam.

1 amik kayu kat pantai tu, 1 amik daun kering kat air terjun. dh siap, buat unggun api.
orang dewasa yg lain anta buat research full time!
dh ada api, amik obor kat bawah sarang lebah tu. then boleh la harvest madu.

2 orang buat keje builder sampai jd Adept; samada repair 1 rumah, atau buang daun2 kat batu nisan kat kanan peta.
yg lain masih mark sebagai researcher. 2 builder tu mark builder la. tp kadang2 biar dia kutip madu. xmakan org kampung kang.

bila 2 org tu dh jd Adept Builder, soh dia buat research. hantar lg sorg blaja jd adapt builder. bila dh cukup, semua org buat research. misi; dapatkan 7000 tech point; ntk membeli pembaikan teknologi.

(sementara tu, kalau dh ada adept scientist, boleh soh dia kutip 5 items untuk lab, mcm pasu2 tu la. settle 1 puzzle)

dah beli 7000 pt tu, hantar 3 adapt builder tu ke lift, yg mcm papan jongket tu.

smbung research. bila hujan, sebaiknya tekan space bar (pause game), letak sorg kat lift tu, un pause balik. nnt konon dia petik benih buah la.
so, dh dpt, amik, tanam. turunkan je org tu.

dapatkan 2 lg benih; so ade 3 pokok la. so.... wait jela. mknn tak lg jd mslh; hopefully.

carik sorang pemuda, umo dlm 22 kot, tick Parenting skill. lelaki lbh sesuai. banyak la dia tekel sniri buat baby. wohohoho.:-p

ni plak puzzle2nya:-

puzzle 1
to make a chief drag ur every villagers to the robe in the amphitheatre at the start of the game

puzzle 2
gather some wood and some dry grass then start a fire after that drag any villager to the stick lying in front of bee hive stick he or she will keep away the bees and then u can start harvesting honey.

puzzle 3
to start alchemy lab collect 3 pots 1 bowl and a stick scatter in the village
puzzle 4
put some builder villagers to extreme east side of the village they will start clearing the leaves from the tomb

puzzle 5 to perform rain dance u require 3 adept farmer and cheif drag them to the fire pit

puzzle 6
put a master builder to mend the lift and after that place any villager on the one side of the lift so he or she can get u some seed in the rainy season

puzzle 7
put some builder villagers to clear the rubble at the south side of the village

puzzle 8
put a master villager in front of the board in alchemy lab then he will make a plan after that u can start mending the bathroom.

puzzle 9
you need the 3rd restoration and i just dropped my people near the statue and they did the rest (master builders work best)

puzzle 10
plant 3 seeds by sending villager to the lift this requires 3 rainy season 1 seed per season

puzzle 11
make a potion of black orchid+black orchid+pitcher plant and drag 4-5 villagers to the pot so they carry the potion to sea to get rid of sharks and u can have unlimited supply of food.

puzzle 12

Puzzle 12 - the Armotherapy.

In order to complete this puzzle, you must have already rebuilt the bath.

Drop a Master Doctor into the bath and he will begin to gather and place
the lotus leaves in pits. Once he as finished, you must drag a Master Doctor to
the village fire pit and drop him on it. He will take a torch back to the bath
and light the pits.
puzzle 13
when u let your fire go out the gem will be there, take as many villagers to the water fall they will cool it with water Ikeep taking them until they start drinking the water then take chef to gem he will put in door

puzzle 14
make a light and springy potion = rose+lootus+cactus and make ur chief to drink it and drag him below the pink diamond he will jump and collect it
plz post if u have solved any more

puzzle 15 the Clam

After Level 3 restoration AND rebuilding the fallen staute - A "pearl" will
appear. Get a Master Builder to pick it up, he will take it to the waterfall for
"finishing" - afterwards have a Master Builder pick it back up for "polishing".
Then have your chief pick up the "pearl" and swap it with the blue pearl inside
the clam. ---You may have to repeat parts of the process if your villager drops
it. - I had to redo a couple of times.

puzzle 16
you need the three gems: one is in the fire and another is on the ledge i’m looking for the third right now so i’ll let you know as so as i find it
mind you i figured out what they were before i solved them ;D

Puzzle 16 - once you have all the keys (fire, cliff and clam), the door opens
and a hidden room comes up. There's a sun disc on the floor. You have to move a
villager near it to push the disc around. Once a shaft of sunlight hits the
disc, it starts off a little story (like the cave). I had to do this twice -
once for the story and once again for the puzzle to solve.

Add tips:
Kids can heal anyone that is sick, becoming apprentice doctors. they can also collect the herbs for potions, saving the adults time. And, if you are searcing for food.. get yourself 3 builders, Master and or Adept to repait the lift, then when it rains, have your farmer step onto the lift, for a boost up for more seeds for fruit/banana trees then plant them, may want to use 2x speed to get them growing faster, just don’t forget to check in on your village if ya do.

Repairing lift:
You need restoration lvl 2, then drag several adept builders to lift.I think 3 adept builders was needed. And indeed you need to wait for rain to get up and get tree seed

How to get all the food sources (except for the bee hive):
I have gotten rid of the sharks on my game, for faction nature it is black orchid, black orchid, pitcher plant (to get the pitcher plant you have to have level 2 researched for nature faction.) Then put several (like 8) villagers in front of the pot and they will take it to the ocean getting rid of the sharks. You can also get up to three trees going to. To get the other two seeds you have to fix the lift. To do this you must have three adept builder (at least for east difficulty it might be master for normal) and drop them all on the lift (sometimes you have to move them around a bit to get them working on it). Then you have to wait until it rains. When it does grab a villager and put him on the flat part of the lift. The barrell end will fill up with water allowing you villager to grab a seed from the tree up above. You have to do this twice because it only drops one seed per rain and you can only have three trees max. Anyways thought I would share because now my villagers have over 3000 food and I am set for survival and know you guys want to get on with solving the non-survival puzzles as well.

HOW TO GET RID OF SHARKS: To solve puzzle 11 u have to reach level 2 for alchemy and level 2 for faction of nature(not sure for magic faction). u will b introduce to special natural herb which is a pitcher. Make a potion orchid+orchid+pitcher n take one of the villagers to drink it n drag the villager quickly to the sea. This will make sharks go away and u can fish 4ever!!

seronok main game ni...bila mula main, mesti jadi ralit... kalau sape2 yg xpenah main n nak game ni, bolehlah hantar komen kat tqah...nanti tqah bagi game ni kat korang... :-)

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